1000W, 12V Load Shedding Exterminator (psw)


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JBS Energy Solutions has released a nifty little item that will solve 99% of South Africans problems at the moment.

How you ask?

Well, imagine when the power goes out you don’t need to sit in darkness.

This still doesn’t answer the question of ‘how’ does it?

The JBS Load Shedding Exterminator is built to give you power when yours is cut off.

The nifty little unit has a built-in battery backup which powers the UPS-inverter/charger that will generate its own electricity.

Simply plug the Exterminator into the wall and then plug your devices into the provided plug points on the Exterminator.

When the power does go off you devices will switch over to the Exterminators power. No noise, no pollution and no stress needed.

Ideal for lights, TV, DSTV, computer, wifi routers, chargers, card machines, security equipment and the list goes on!

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Product Features
  • Automatically recharges for the next power outage
  • Convenient storage
  • Don’t let load shedding disturb your series or work
  • Innovative technology
  • Power cut essential
  • Semi-portable
  • No noise and no pollution


Product Specifications

There are only two types of electronics that you need to be concerned about when using a modified sine wave inverter: appliances that use AC motors and certain classes of delicate medical equipment. (Lifewire)


Available options


Modified Sine Wave

The list of electronics that usually work just fine with a modified sine wave is far too long to get into here. Suffice it to say that if it doesn’t use an AC motor, isn’t a delicate piece of medical equipment you’re probably going to be in the clear. If the device that you want to power uses a rectifier to change the AC into DC, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll have any issues. (Lifewire)


Pure Sine Wave – preferred for more ‘sensitive’ technology

Appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, and compressors that use AC motors won’t run as efficiently on a modified sine wave as they would on a pure sine wave. In some cases, running an AC motor on a modified sine wave may lead to a buildup of excess waste heat that could damage the equipment. (Lifewire)

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In stock (can be backordered)